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Love in the air, symbol in my finger

Posted on Thursday, August 9, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (7391) Comments (0)
Love and life is indeed one universally accepted phenomenon which all human is yet to quantify as to the right scaling, grading or rating, but for the fact of creating a better understanding for the younger generation, the process of love and love shared can indeed be simplified for their understanding. One of such processes is what is today accepted universally as the act of giving a symbol in the finger of your spouse. This process is a sure bet for all those who wishes to undertake the ultimate sacred oath of marriage. 

What to do when you misplace your wedding ring

Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (2882) Comments (0)
The beauty of having a holy matrimony is as a result of the fact that most persons around the globe end up having an everlasting memory as a result of this, they always make sure that these memories are retained with honor and dignity. One of the memories in which most person hardly forget, is that in which they envision the day they first chose their life partner by accepting to marry this person in question. 

Our Bond of Love

Posted on Thursday, July 5, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (1218) Comments (0)
Love is said to be in the eyes of the beholder, but indeed, love is the one element of nature that all humans irrespective of their tribe, religion or country, they do appreciate so dearly. That is why after 50 years, most persons still cherish their first love with all fiber of their body and indeed you will be able to feel undying love for the same person. But there is one thing that still remain sacred and duly represent the bond of love. This one bond is known as your wedding ring. Your wedding ring is indeed one special metallic object of either precious stones or ornament that should of necessity, highly appreciated and price less irrespective of the time and nature of it. 

My Engagement Ring

Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (4357) Comments (0)
Love and life is indeed one universally accepted phenomenon which all human is yet to quantify as to the right scaling, grading or rating, but for the fact of creating a better understanding for the younger generation, the process of love and love shared can indeed be simplified for their understanding. One of such processes is what is today accepted universally as the act of engagement before marriage. This process is a sure bet for all those who wishes to undertake the ultimate scared oath of marriage. 

Wedding rings

Posted on Monday, April 30, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (2889) Comments (0)
No one wedding lacks rings as the outer show to all that the status is new, that we are part of our loved one. The show should be real evidence, one that stands out ready to give a word to all. Designer rings have been made for both the king and the queen of the day. The glamorous Gold or the reflective silver would be a great choice nut we are not ruling out all others.  

Matching wedding rings for your wedding

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (2633) Comments (0)

Since the result of a wedding is a couple and not more than one, we readily say that the two become one flesh. Naturally, a body is usually clad in a suit, matching set of clothes from head to toe. A couple will have a ring to signify that they are now one. It is only natural to want to have matching rings. There is so much tied together from that day until death does a parting and showing that they are one is simply put, in order.

Wedding Rings Splendour

Posted on Friday, September 9, 2011 By  Shakkya Admin Visits (1910) Comments (0)

They say that marriages are made in heaven and it is just that the two involved in that everlasting bond have to meet. Wedding rings, exchanged by the man and woman are used to solemnize that bond.

All girls dream about the 'big day' i.e. their wedding day and even have a rough outline of the wedding plan ready in their minds. A wedding ring is that jewelry which symbolizes love and commitment. Exchanging rings is another way of saying 'I am yours forever'. You cannot exchange rings twice. When you spend your time and energy in making a gift for your loved one, however it may be, your loved one values it more than anything. When you design your own wedding ring for your 'better half', he/she knows that you are truly committed to him/her.

Wedding is the one of the most remarkable event of our life. Both men and women have some precious moments and memories of this special occasion. Everything is new. Everything has a massage of happiness.

Also make sure you don’t drop the wedding ring while exchanging. This will cause embarrassment and sign of bad omen. Take utmost care, take your own time while exchanging rings. Never be in a hurry.

There are times where wedding rings go missing. I mean it’s not stolen or getting lost but it’s in the mothers or sisters hand bag. This causes panic during the time of exchanging rings and when it’s not retrieved, it’s been replaced by another which causes embarrassment.

Wedding ring is the special jewelry ornament that binds the two souls for their lifetime. With the exchanging of rings they promise to each other to take every responsibility and share their feelings, sorrow and happiness. So, wedding ring in a wedding ceremony has a keynote i.e. ‘I do’ and we must make sure that it’s kept in safe place so that we don’t run around looking for it.

Bridal Jewellery

Posted on Thursday, May 12, 2011 By  Shakkya Admin Visits (2747) Comments (0)

A Bride can add unmatchable spark to her day by accessorizing her look with stunning  jewellery. Once a bride is done with her selection of her outfit for the day, she starts worrying about jewellery to be worn. In order to embellish her look with beautiful jewellery, a bride must take into consideration her personality. She must accessorize her look with jewellery which could let her embody her individualism mixed with charisma.

Selecting the accurate bridal jewellery is very important. It is as important as decorating a cake with icing, right bridal jewellery and right gown imparts complete look. There are types of wedding jewellery that will look just right on you with your dress. Same time the flowers you carry down the isle, your bridesmaids bouquets or the flowers you choose to decorate with can also be used to help you decide on your bridal jewelry.

All bridesmaids should wear jewelry that is the same color and style. It can match or contrast with the color of the dress. We recommend that you keep the bridal party jewelry simple, yet elegant. Jewelry is a great gift for the bride to consider giving her bridesmaid, and maid of honor and by doing so you can control the total look the day of the wedding.

The grace and grandeur of a bride immensely depends on the intricacy and beauty of the bridal jewellery set she is adorned with. If you are the one who has to go for the mighty selection of the bridal jewellery set, then there are certain things to be kept in mind always so that you come up with the best bridal jewellery set collections you come across.


The important thing is to make sure your jewelry does not over power the dress and that the color works with the gown.

Wedding rings

Posted on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 By  Shakkya Admin Visits (22042) Comments (2)

Away from the husband or wife, rings are the only evidence that we have met the love of our life and exchanged the vow. A ring is not just a round piece of metal that encircles a finger. No. it is a symbol of your dear one the married people will often look and touch the ring, that reminder of the commitment to one and only sweetheart to whom we gave ourselves. As such then, a ring should be a great looking icon that shows how we feel our loved one.

Glittering rings are great in look and they attract attention meaning that they and speak on our behalf. One thing about rings is that they can give you pride if well chosen. A wedding ring is given as a precedent of the engagement ring that is usually issued as a request for marriage. In this occasion, the man proposing carries the ring in a nice porch, well packaged to impress the lady to take up the proposal positively. Movies show it best where the guy bends on the knees and carefully unveils that nice package-then opens it to utter the three heavy words “Will you marry me?” No they are four! At this point, your eyes pop out wider to have a glimpse; sorry if you have never had to experience the little heaven they are in!

The wedding ring carries an even greater significance. It means “I belong” to all you meet. For that reason, it should be more glamorous and attractive. A designer ring carries the name on the reverse side and patterns that are outstanding. Its packaging should be more than just eye popping! It should leave you with that wish that “Yeah that is the thing to have”. I like gazing at various rings on couples hands and I note that they no longer wear the very ring exchanged in the big day. Durability should be a key factor in choosing a wedding ring.

The ring will be well focused to as the wedding ceremony continues. The rings are taken a photo of their own before being exchanged. Again, they are captured often as they are lifted and slowly slid into the finger of the sweetheart. It is such a great moment. By the way guys should style up when it comes to this part of the ceremony and they are confused as to which hand the ring goes. Material for the wedding ring should be a highly reflective and a non reactive metal to retain that sheen and twinkle we see on the day.

Gold or silver rings are great choice for the occasion. They so not only have those qualities but they kept their new look for a long time. I know of a friend who went for the wedding tour to South Africa back in the day and they purchased gold rings around sixteen years ago and she has the very ring to this day!

A good quality ring assures the wearer that he or she belongs to that spouse and carries that pride. It may cost a fortune, but it is the best thing to go for.


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