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wedding sri lanka

Marriage Rituals in Sri Lankan Buddhist marriage

Posted on Thursday, December 12, 2013 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (574) Comments (0)

Sri Lanka is home to a lot of traditional cultures, Sinhalese and Tamil being major among them. While the Sinhalese are based mostly in the ancient cities of Kandy and Anuradhapura, the Tamils, on the other hand, have made the city of Jaffna their home. The two major cultural factions believe in different religions. Sinhalese are followers of Buddhism while Tamils are mostly Hindu. 

Why you need a Last minute wedding dress rehearsals

Posted on Monday, September 17, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (1525) Comments (0)
The love life of every human being is indeed one experience which they indeed appreciate, love and cherish. In other to make this experience a memorable one, most couples opt to seal their love by taking the oath of solemnization before all who care to attend. But before the day of their wedding proper, there exist some numerous rituals, ceremonies as well as preparatory activities through which couples will be anticipating what their wedding ceremony will look like. These activities are meant to assist couples make their wedding day a success. One of these ceremonies is what is called Wedding dress rehearsals.  

First night with your spouse after your wedding

Posted on Saturday, September 1, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (3201) Comments (0)
My wedding night was indeed an excellent night as I was able to fantasies over the feeling and strong emotional exchange we did share that day. First of all my wedding day started with me experiencing lots of emotional outflow which couldn’t be quantified with words as the feeling was indeed unimaginable. First, the aspect of dressing up was one Hugh aspect that I did enjoy a lot. Indeed, as a bride, I felt like a queen that is about to escort her groom the king to go take his throne, but after a bit of nervous feeling, I was dressed up for my wedding occasion. The whole event lasted for about four hours while the second aspect of the ceremony which was the reception was indeed one occasion that will stick to my memory for a long time. 

Day of love, My wedding

Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (1819) Comments (0)
Experiencing love on your wedding day is one sure act that most persons envisage long before their wedding date proper and the fear of upholding such love is the fear that hunt them severely before they are able to say the word “I DO”, to any human being other than themselves. To avoid these fears you do have, you need to know that wedding bells starts ringing immediately you cherish your relationship knowing that the person so involve is so compatible to you and peradventure you don’t know if the so called individual is compatible to you, then you just need to involve as well as initiate more of communication in your relationship in other know and understand the persons feelings, greatest joy, fears and worries. 

My Love on the Aisle

Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (1645) Comments (0)
Life is sweet, but the sweeter life is the better for everyone both those that are old and those that are youthful in nature. With this in mind, it is nice to observe that so many persons undergo series of issues and difficulty before they are opportune to locate the love of their life. With this in mind, it is nice to say allowed to yourself “I WILL FIND AND CHERISH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE”. My own personal love story started years ago and precisely four years ago, when a friend of mind invited me to a wedding ceremony. During this period, I was amazingly beautiful but I kept all young guys and men at arm’s length due to the fact that I wanted to concentrate on my personal design and decoration business. But I will say, that the very minute I stared into my husband’s eyes, there was this transmission of soul connection. To know how it all started, kindly sit back, take a deep breath and exhale.  

Measures For A Perfect Royal Wedding

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (1863) Comments (2)
The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton had a great impact on my sister’s mind. Since then, she is dreaming of marrying a guy from a royal family. Phew! God help her! Well, this is not only the case with my sister. Many girls wish to get married in a royal family. Do you know the reason? Actually, no matter how hard you try to arrange a wonderful wedding ceremony without any flaws in the arrangement, the glitz and glamor of a royal wedding are unmatchable. 

Wedding planning

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (2917) Comments (1)
 Step by step and day by day arrangements and planning of a wedding are complex procedures that involve lots of consultations and confusion at times. It is not only very involving but sensitive too, noting that most of the steps need experts. The easiest way to plan a wedding is to leave the process in the hands of a professional and spare ourselves of the worry and weight that comes with the planning procedure. 

Wedding accessories

Posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (7241) Comments (2)
A wedding has so much that makes it worth a memory. The colors, bridal shower, ribbons and balloons all add to the beauty and themes. Flowers sit on the cars carrying the bride and on all pathways to create a paradisiacal look fill the areas. The sparkle bridal garter and money bag looks great and inspires desire. Jewelry that includes the ring and chain or necklace that hangs next to the gown are all designer items to look at and leave the heart yearning. 

Wedding cake made with real fruit

Posted on Monday, April 9, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (2545) Comments (0)
A perfect wedding has as its epitome the cake cutting ceremony. Guys are at the reception and all has been done, the cake has to be cut followed by the sharing. This presents a joyous moment, the beginning of a life of sharing. Memorable things ideas worth a mention: Get out of the norm! The cake has been cut into the first small pieces then what? 

Wedding photography in the land of beauties (Sri Lanka)

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (3702) Comments (0)
Been to a land of beautiful people and I must admit that blending choicest two in a wedding with all the touch of elegance is an amazing sight. Having captions to testify to that for years and decades following the day is worth all effort.  There are great photo studios which offer services to let the great day go to book in style. Wedding photography is a big industry in Sri Lanka and it is hotly contested too. The winners have accolade that sets them above all else, making it easy for the people to make an informed choice as they plan their big day. We shall therefore look at wedding photography as a service industry with couples and aspiring couples as the immediate market.

Harshani & Tharaka's memorable moments

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (1929) Comments (0)


The best day in our lives was the 2nd of September 2011. Obviously it was our wedding. We had planned it since about an year back date. And as planned we could make the event as successful as expected. The venue of the wedding was Hotel Clarion, Kiribathgoda. Harshani & her group's beautician was Mrs. Champi Siriwardane. Full flower decoration of the event has done by Dream Flowers, Mahara. Tharaka & group's Traditional Kandyan costumes hired by PVS Jayaratne, Kiribathgoda. Our traditional theme of the wedding has topped up by the classic snaps at Gangaramaya Temple.


We had a nice Indian themed Home Coming evening party at Laknara Guest, Kirillawala on 4th September 2011. As well as the Wedding the beautician & decos were respectively done by Champi & Dream Flowers. Shakkya Studio has enlightened the evening by photographing at Mount Lavinia.


A very big thanks to Thanuj, Chameera, Nandun & Dhanushka.


Keep up your good work. Wish all the best to Shakkya.


Harshani & Tharaka

Ishan & Nilmini planned surprise Wedding Ceremony

Posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (2531) Comments (0)

Beauticians   ;   Ms.Nirosha perera, Salon Manali,   and Abarana Mandiraya ,malabe.

 Flower decoration   ; Sapumal    Flora, Nittambuwa

Wedding theme ; Cultural different ( Traditional Kandian , Western ,Indian )

Hotel ; Wedding -  Ranathisara Hotel , Nittambuwa

             Home Coming – senuri Reseption Hall , Diulapitiya

 Photo locations ; Aththanagalla Temple , Gampaha Garden , St.Sebasthian Church  and Jet Wing Blue             

                             Hotel , Negombo

 Photography ; Shakya Studio maharagama

 Videography ;Studio Xtreme ,Meerigama


We wanted to do a surprize wedding ceramony in the most important day in our lives. So firstly we plan the wedding before one year. We selected the hotels, Beauticians, Photography, Videography before 8th month to our wedding. Specialy we gave different cultural characteristics for our wedding. Photo locations, dresses were selected acording to the theme.

To  gave us such kind of unforgatoble  wedding day Beauticians, Photographers, Videographers done a great  job. We gave our heartiest thank to all the persons who help and support us.

Thank you

  Ishan & Nilmini  ( wedding day 18th August & Home coming day 20th Aug)

Nimanthika couple says the story of their marriage

Posted on Monday, December 19, 2011 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (2100) Comments (1)


First of all we would like to give a big thanks to all who helped us in achieving our wedding dream!

When we started planning our wedding, we first started up searching for a good beautician and a well experienced photographer since 6 months of our wedding day. Then we got to know about Shakkya Studio from the Subasiri program which was held at KCC. And we choose Ms. Apsara Gamage as Our beautician who conducted some programmers’ in Sirasa TV. And we decided to give the flower decorations to Lassana Flora to decorate our dream day. 

The main purpose for choosing the best of them was that the combination of all three of these will only finally give our wedding memories a success…. which means our Wedding album!  After we thought of all that, we thought of the most ideal place for us to have our wedding. We were able to book the Oak Ray Regency Kandy for the wedding day. And we decided to have our wedding pix at the Earl’s Regency Kandy, around the Mahaweli river and the Kandy Lake after discussing with our photographer. And the Home Coming Photos were taken at the Galle Face Hotel Colombo.

Everyone …… Specially my Photographer, beautician, Lassana Flora the hotel staff and my family and friends got together to help us successed our memorable event. The main thing that I would like to advice for couples who are going to get married soon is that, you need to plan your wedding early as possible and select a good beautician, photographer and a well known flower decorator as your first step. Then you can have a stress less and a wonderful dream day and celebrate your big day without worries…..!!!

Thamali Nimanthika

Kumesha's Wedding Story

Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (2656) Comments (1)

 I met kumesha 8 years before met her while she going to school, those days I lived in abroad and i stay only 1 month in sri lanka, there are no chances to meet my love b coz she's a student coz of that we used to plan our future by phone, since that day she used to guide me always i think that is the success of our lives, she planed our wedding better than me, after that me and my love talk to gather and decide our wedding, she wants to do the wedding traditionally, first of all we are looking for hotels in kandy, and we think hotel mahawelli reach is good for wedding and hotel earl's regency is good for home coming.

After that we looked a good studio to do our photography and videographer, we search about many studios from the internet, my wife went to meet 3 best studios in sri lanka, and she told me that she doesn't satisfied with that photographers and there advises, finally she went to Shakkya studio at kandy, she had a discussion with mr.thanuj and she told me that is the better place for our photography. mr. thanuj gives lots of advice to us, we gives our ideas to them and they agree to do that as we wish, the staff is so friendly and they always guide us that the main reason we choose Shakkya studio.

We wants to do our wedding in three type, traditional , Indian and western, my wife decided to do wedding in traditional, and she select Amaya hills kandy for wedding photography, her dressings were done by salon nandani kandy,and her sarees by sarre mandir, we dressed indian style for going away.

ur home coming was 16th of march at earl's regency kany, and photo locations also at that same hotel, my wife likes fairy tales, and we gives our decorations to lassana flora and i tell them about my dream, and they did it so nicely. Our theme is fairy tale,  and that’s all about our dream wedding, lots of people help us, specially

Sweet Wedding Story @ Mount Lavinia Hotel

Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (5731) Comments (0)
Our wedding was held in May11, 2011 @ Mount Lavinia Hotel. We started planning this event about one year back. Initially we booked the hotel in 2010.Since we planned to have a homecoming as well, Hotel Berjaya Mount Royal(Mt Lavinia) was also booked during the same time 

How to achieve the best for your big day

Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (1732) Comments (0)

As the wedding day approaches, many aspiring couples feel unsure of what will happen this is because they want the best for them and their visitors. Poor planning can leave them drained and this can translate into a wedding that does not look bright. On the other hand, the wish is always to have the brightest day ever and to create great memories that will hardly get rubbed off. In fact, all want to ever remember the day with nostalgia, that wish that it could last a decade. A big contributor to that effect lies in the planning.

To illustrate, we will take two opposite scenarios of couples planning their weddings. You may identify with the situation here: a couple feels that they want to be in control of the plans to their wedding. To effect that, they are part of the organizing committee and they propose how they want matters to run. After so doing, they follow on every step of implementation and let their ideas dominate. The committee members at some point feel that they would better leave the couple to handle their affairs their way. Time is going and by then, only a month is left. The result is obvious-they will be overwhelmed!

On the other hand, the couple delegates the duties such that in the committee, the members have a defined role; those in charge of the catering are to plan their department and deliver, free from interference. The next group is to deal with transport from the bridal procession to all the vehicles needed. The members in charge of the locations in which to take the photos have their deliberations too. All these work autonomously to achieve the great goal of success in the wedding day. How will they compare to the former couple?

There are steps to be followed in the planning of this big event. Although they may vary, once the time frame is determined, the plans are deliberated with relation to the timing and the cost. I will outline the general steps in this document.

  • Define time. If the wedding will be ten months to come, plan the activities and distribute them along all the months. This reduces anxiety and the rush that comes with reduced time.

  • A budget is a must! You must remember a wedding is like a construction project that takes a lot of money in the planning and consultation. Consulting a wedding planner is the first step.  The type of wedding and how much that will cost must then be considered. As you identify locations and size of the bridal party and guest body to be invited, money matters must be carefully is put in perspective.

  • Identify the items to go for. The wedding involves a lot of things. Fashion and design, color themes, locations and cars among others. Get the taste clear and decide what to go for.

  • Put down the names of people to work with in the committee and consult to gauge their availability. This fixes the plans right from the word go! This keeps stress at bay and helps you relax. Please, never get tempted to interfere with the committee and how it runs affairs! They are many brains with good intentions. Just give ideas and keep the distance.

  • Interact with the photographers and video guys and try out the quality of their work right in the engagement parties and try out the designers to get the best to do the clothes for the big day. You can then proceed with your daily job relieved and fully guaranteed that all is gong well. It will be a success!

  •  As the months go and the day approaches, more ideas shift to the new home, setting things up right for the guests who will be present, catering arrangements and deco to be done in the locations. Since all these were outlined, the final touches will leave the couple relaxed all left is to celebrate their union.

Sri lankan weddings

Posted on Friday, September 30, 2011 By  Shakkya Ideas Admin Visits (7062) Comments (0)
Weddings take place round the globe but Sri Lankan weddings from all else in many ways. While a western wedding may take a few hours and after the declaration is gone, Sri Lankan weddings have so much culture to be observed, colorful and attractive to the couple and the audience. There are unique features like the Poruwa derived from the cultures of the beautiful people of Sri Lanka that will never be seen in other parts of the world. They are unique and truly uniting, not like the showy stuff from the west where people wed today and separate shortly after

Wedding Rings Splendour

Posted on Friday, September 9, 2011 By  Shakkya Admin Visits (1904) Comments (0)

They say that marriages are made in heaven and it is just that the two involved in that everlasting bond have to meet. Wedding rings, exchanged by the man and woman are used to solemnize that bond.

All girls dream about the 'big day' i.e. their wedding day and even have a rough outline of the wedding plan ready in their minds. A wedding ring is that jewelry which symbolizes love and commitment. Exchanging rings is another way of saying 'I am yours forever'. You cannot exchange rings twice. When you spend your time and energy in making a gift for your loved one, however it may be, your loved one values it more than anything. When you design your own wedding ring for your 'better half', he/she knows that you are truly committed to him/her.

Wedding is the one of the most remarkable event of our life. Both men and women have some precious moments and memories of this special occasion. Everything is new. Everything has a massage of happiness.

Also make sure you don’t drop the wedding ring while exchanging. This will cause embarrassment and sign of bad omen. Take utmost care, take your own time while exchanging rings. Never be in a hurry.

There are times where wedding rings go missing. I mean it’s not stolen or getting lost but it’s in the mothers or sisters hand bag. This causes panic during the time of exchanging rings and when it’s not retrieved, it’s been replaced by another which causes embarrassment.

Wedding ring is the special jewelry ornament that binds the two souls for their lifetime. With the exchanging of rings they promise to each other to take every responsibility and share their feelings, sorrow and happiness. So, wedding ring in a wedding ceremony has a keynote i.e. ‘I do’ and we must make sure that it’s kept in safe place so that we don’t run around looking for it.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It a celebration of a marriage or a union of two hearts where two people promise to love, honor and respect each other. Making this day as perfect and as special as possible is the dream of any bride but there is every chance of ups and downs on such ceremonies.

When preserving such a special and unique day, you’ll be able to trust simply anyone. To make sure that your special day is captured in one of the best ways, make sure to decide on knowledgeable marriage ceremony photographer. After all, you’ll have one another and a few great recollections.

There are certain instances where the dresses of the bridesmaid and page boy do not match with the bride and groom. Also, there are times where you find lack of time and insufficient room to take pictures. On the other hand the Poruwa does not match with the set up. These are obstacles for the photographer because at the end the pictures taken does not have the clarity.

One of the best wedding ceremony photography goes to take some time. Standing and posing for shots isn’t at all times probably the most fulfilling thing to do when there is insufficient space to take the photos.  It takes time to arrange the teams and make sure that every little thing is in place. Make sure that you and your whole get together are on time for the pictures. If people are late it is going to solely rush the photographer and compromise the quality of the ultimate product.

Finally, we spend a lot of money for our wedding to be successful but in the end your wedding album present your images at their best to tell your story your way.

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